PRYSE Academy: Photo Essay


After attending the ARYSE conference last spring, students from the University of Pittsburgh were able to turn their ideas into reality. Take a look at this photo essay of PRYSE Academy’s three week summer program for refugee youth.

Refugees in the the heart of Tennessee


My experience growing up in Nashville, Tennessee taught me that it was a homogeneous but comfortable place. My parents, who had emigrated from India before I was born, quickly felt welcomed in this new country, though they were surrounded by few people who shared their background. In parts of the city where I spent the […]

Creating a Common Language


Sui and I were two people with very little in common when we first met—her memory of our first meeting is simply surprise at how many people were at her apartment. Sitting across from each other, stiff and formal, both of us a little nervous, only our differences were obvious:  Sui was a 29-year-old mother […]